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The Generation Splice

Mar 21, 2021

The Generation Splice's first episode with a guest! Sundance Film Festival programmer, film producer, & podcaster DREA CLARK joins the Martinez family to talk about the camp cult classic DROP DEAD GORGEOUS. The three discuss the hilarious absurdity of this mockumentary, its problematic aspects that haven't aged that well, & the universal love for Allison Janney. Drea speaks to the authenticity of it's Minnesotan-ness, Raphael talks about his crush on Kirsten Dunst, & Raquel touches on growing up in a small town where beauty pageant culture was a very real thing.

The Generation Splice is film podcast where retired psychologist Dr. Raquel Martinez, a Baby Boomer through and through, and her son Raphael Jose Martinez, a cranky millennial punk rocker, former music journalist, and current film writer, discuss various films through the lens of their generation & personal experiences. Every week one host picks a film for the two of them to dissect and see if they can splice together the generation gap via their love of the movies.

Feel free to write to us! Give us some film suggestions at or @gensplicepod on Twitter.

Raphael is on Twitter at @citycelluloid. You can find his film writing at and

The show is produced by The Martinez Family & the show’s theme song was written, performed, & produced by Raphael.